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We offer a complete list of options and services for our paved driveways, guaranteed to bring anybody the perfect driveway for them. You can choose from our list of great materials, which include stone, asphalt, concrete, and brick. All of these bring their own quality charm and when used in the adept designs of our team, they always turn out best. And, just as much as we can bring you a fine standard for the installation, if you ever need any repairs or renovation work, we would be able to do just the same.

Thinking about installing a new interlocking brick paver driveway in Orlando?

Whether you are ready for a DIY project, or just want to make sure the brick paver company you hire knows what they are doing, we’ve got you covered with this simple 10-Step Guide. We created this as a starting point so that if you have any questions about detailed steps on laying brick pavers, you can give us a call so we can set up a free in person appointment. We’re here to help.

Services We Provide

Driveway Pavers Installation

There is no team better qualified to take care of the installation of your next paved driveway. All we aim to do is recreate the perfect one for you, using the exact preferences that you share with us. Our driveway pavers are all of the same premium quality and so, whichever one you decide to use, you know it is going to live up to your expectation. Simply let us know what you would like us to include in the design and our talented team will be able to imagine it blended in perfectly to your property.

Driveway Pavers Renovation

Just as much so, if you have an old, tired, and worn-out driveway, you may wish to make use of our driveway renovation service. We can tear away all of your previous installation and make way for one of our incredible new ones. Or, if you already have some of our great pavers installed, you may prefer for us to update the existing structure and restore the quality that it once had. At the same time, if you are looking for a touchup on a concrete or asphalt surface, then you may be interested in our driveways resurfacing service. Whichever way, our team will always make sure that you are left with great quality, that makes you feel proud of your home.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete is a very versatile material and when used by skilled professionals, it can create some of the highest quality installations around. That is no different for your driveway and when you trust the job to us, we can make sure that you see just how great of a material it can be. You can take your pick of color or tone, as well as any stamps or texture that you want us to put in, to develop an aesthetic that perfectly fits in with your home.

Brick Pavers

Brick has long been a popular choice of material to use in home construction. It gives a quality aesthetic and just as much durability, which makes them the ideal choice for many kinds of installation. Your driveway is exactly the same and when you trust in the skills of our team, we’ll be able to show you just how effective they can be. We’ll use a blend of premium bricks in the shades that you want and we’ll be able to create custom patterns and shapes, to develop the perfect design for you.

Stone Pavers

Few things can come close to the natural charm that you get with well-cut stone. For your driveway, stone pavers are always gorgeous and they offer a great way to create designs that better connect your home to the surrounding garden space. And, at Driveway Pavers Orlando, we know best how to make use of different stone pavers to create outstanding designs. Simply tell us what you see for your new drive and our team would be glad to bring it to life.

Asphalt Pavers

At Driveway Pavers Orlando, we understand that everybody wants the very best driveway that they can, however may not always have the budget. While premium pavers do come for a higher price than a simple installation, we have just the thing to strike up the perfect balance for you. Our asphalt paver driveways make use of quality concrete pavers for the border with a sleek asphalt surface in the middle. That means that you can enjoy a great aesthetic, without having to pay the high price that would come with a completely paved installation.

Top 5 Question highlighting Concrete Pavers in Orlando

  1. What is a concrete paver
  2. Why use them for your driveway
  3. Benefits of concrete pavers
  4. How to install a concrete paver driveway
  5. Driveway Pavers Orlando – the best in the city! 

1.) What is a “concrete paver”?

A concrete paver is an individual piece that makes up part of a paving installation and can be made from various materials, including stone, brick, or cement blocks (among others). They are typically used as borders between two different types of paving materials or colors and can also serve as stepping stones on sloped driveways which have been paved with smaller-sized pieces rather than one large slab at ground level. Concrete pavers are manufactured in an interlocking pattern which makes it possible to connect them together. 
With their unique level of durability, sturdiness and affordability (all depending on the material used), concrete pavers have become more popular these days than ever before. Many homeowners choose them over regular asphalt or concrete because they:

  • Provide a safer surface for children and pets  to play on during the summer  or winter seasons;
  • Can add value to the property due to their aesthetic appeal;  

2) Why do you need one?               

Having a driveway installed is becoming more popular among home owners. It adds aesthetics, safety, convenience (the list goes on!) but most importantly peace of mind.   
A driveway is beneficial as it provides a safe way to enter and exit your home, without the worry of damaging existing structures or landscaping that may surround your property . Concrete pavers installed between sections car parking spaces are much safer than plain asphalt parking lots because they do not have any gaps for cars to fall into. This prevents water from collecting in these spaces due to the reduced surface area available (as opposed to when the entire lot is covered by one single slab). Regular concrete also has a tendency of breaking apart over time affording pedestrians an easier fall if they happen to trip on a crack. With pavers near driveways you can avoid this situation all together!       

3) What are its benefits then?       

The number one benefit of pavers is that they add an aesthetically appealing appeal to the property. There are countless different color combinations you can choose from when installing them alongside your driveway; most people will even opt for a checkered pattern or brick-like design which provides an authentic touch and feel. This contrast between the concrete pavers and asphalt ensures a fresh new look every time someone comes over, while also increasing home value. The installation process does not take too long, another bonus! Some companies allow clients to choose their own colors along with their paving borders, making it even easier for homeowners to come up with unique patterns that go along with their individual styles.       

4) How do I install my concrete paver driveway?               

First, the foundation for your driveway will be laid out by a team of experts; at Concrete Paving Orlando , our team will come to your location and check all the area you want paved. Once that is done and verified, a professional design will be presented to you for approval- we are dedicated to making sure that every one of our clients gets exactly what they want!
Paying attention to detail is another important aspect of the job which is why we aim to leave everything as perfect as humanly possible. Any uneven sections must be leveled in order to ensure that water does not collect where it should not (thereby creating puddles during rainy seasons). This implies that excess material needs to be added to lower areas while being taken away from raised ones.

Once all sections are leveled, the pavers will be installed on top of the existing foundation and before doing so we make sure to ensure that they do not shift around at any given point; shifting is something you can definitely avoid if you hire a professional paving Orlando service provider. During installation we make sure to lay seamless pieces side by side as this makes it easier for them to connect with one another. This process is much safer than laying them out individually!        

5) How long does it take?        

The answer varies depending on the size of your driveway! Those who want an intricate design involving patterns or multiple colors may need two or three days (or more) to complete. In most cases, however, the job should be done within one day’s time. It all depends on how many sections you are working with and the materials involved in order to determine how long construction will last for!

Driveway Pavers Orlando is a versatile paving service provider that can cater to any client’s needs! We have been servicing home owners for decades so if your home requires any concrete paver work we are definitely the professionals for you! Regardless of what kind of driveway design you are looking for our team can help create something unique which will surely serve as an eye-catcher among the rest of your neighbors’ properties . This is why thousands of people trust us with their projects each year; we care more about providing quality work as opposed to quantity. Our clients are our top priority and we always go out of our way to ensure that they get what they pay for!

6 Steps to Deciding Which Driveway Pavers are Right for Your Orlando Property (+ How to complete your dream project)

Deciding which driveway paver material is right for you property can be difficult because there are so many different materials that you can choose from. Concrete pavers are a popular choice and you will want to explore the different options to find which one makes the most sense for your situation. Paver stones are another option and they offer many different benefits. There is a large variety of decorative paver stones that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. A third option is decomposed granite which is also popular because it has a natural look to it. Stone chips are another option which could be good for those who want something simple but durable. Another consideration is adding on epoxy crack protection for durability and longevity of your project. Another great option is brick pavers. Brick pavers are extremely durable and they age well. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and designs to make sure that it blends in with your landscaping or the rest of the house. Let us take a look at some of these options so that you can learn more about them and decide which one is best for you.

Concrete pavers are the most popular option today, because they can be made to fit many different styles and needs, and they are very strong and durable. Concrete pavers come in many different styles including textured blocks, ribbed concrete pavers, smooth edged pavers, bricks etc. They also come in a wide range of colors as well so you can find one which will match your home or business design perfectly! These types of concrete pavers are very easy to use, and they will last for many years if properly maintained. You should keep the area where the pavers have been installed as clean and as free from debris as possible in order to ensure that your paver installation lasts a long time.

Here are the 6-Steps to helping you find your perfect driveway pavers material:

Step 1: Examine your property

The first thing you should do when considering a new driveway paver installation is to examine the current condition of your driveway and pathway or walkway. If you are looking for an upgrade, be sure to measure the square footage that is in need of repair or replacement. Take into consideration any cracks, holes, bumps or other issues with paving that needs to be addressed. It might help to take some pictures of this area as well so you can have them handy when getting your estimate from a concrete paver service provider. Be sure to let the professional know about these issues so they can determine just what it will take to spruce up the look of these areas without breaking the bank! The quotes which you get back from professionals can vary greatly, so it is best to be as specific as possible in terms of the details.

You should also take your design preference into consideration. If you have other brick accents around the exterior of your property, you may want to consider brick pavers. These can help to tie your landscaping together while also giving it a cohesive look. Concrete pavers are very versatile as well, but they may not be the best option when trying to match other brick elements on your property because these are probably going to come in different colors and textures. If you have siding made of wood or stucco, you could consider a concrete paver which is designed with similar lines and curves in order to work with this design scheme.

Step 2: Prepare site

Next you will want to make sure that you have an adequate foundation for your new driveway paver installation. You will need something firm like compacted gravel or sand beneath the pavers if possible. This will keep them stable and secure so they  don’t move or shift. If you are using concrete bricks, the ground underneath will need to be firm and level, but if this cannot be achieved naturally, then you should consider either using a cement base or installing wood forms which can be removed after the paver installation is complete to leave behind a smooth and level surface. A cement base tends to be stronger because it will be able to support the pavers better, but in most cases it is not necessary unless your property has a lot of slope or unevenness.

You should also ensure that the location where you want to install your new driveway paver installation is free from any protruding rocks, roots and other sharp objects as this can cause damage to the concrete pavers (or brick if you have chosen those) when they are being laid down. Once all these steps are complete, then you are ready for the actual installation of your pavers! The professionals who do this work typically use a dump truck with material forks to lay down the first row of paver stones. This first layer will sometimes include some sort of asphalt adhesive so that everything stays put and the pavers are able to bond together to create a strong surface.

Step 3: Discuss your budget with a paver service provider

The next thing you are going to want to do when planning for a new concrete pavers installation is discuss your budget with one of the recommended paver service providers near you. Everyone’s budget is going to be different, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. You might find something in the cheapest price range that looks just fine, but it will not last nearly as long as a paver installation of a better quality.

If your current pavers are cracked or failing, now is the time to replace them instead of waiting until they break off into pieces and create even more work for yourself! Instead of repairing it each spring and fall when cracks form due to ice on the ground, why not choose an option which can help with this problem? Epoxy crack protection can add life to your new concrete pavers installation. This epoxy liquid substance locks down into the cracks. It will help to fill the cracks and make sure that they stay filled, so you don’t have to worry about them getting larger over time. It adds extra protection and it has a natural look as well so it blends in with your new paver installation quite nicely without standing out like a sore thumb.

Step 4: Order your pavers

Now that you have everything prepared for the new driveway paver installation , it is time to order your pavers. You can find many different styles of driveway Paver Stones online as well as brick pavers and other products. If at all possible, try to order these in advance so you don’t end up waiting for them – especially if there is a special sale going on at the time. If your driveway paver installation is going to take place during cooler weather, you might want to opt for brick pavers because they won’t crack or split if there are temperature fluctuations like with some concrete pavers.

If you have decided that concrete pavers will be the best option for your project, it might be a good idea to look for deals on different types and styles of these products when looking online. Large companies which specialize in paving projects may offer discounts on their inventory when they reach a certain amount of sales volume each year.

You can also save money by doing business locally at places like big box stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. These national chains tend to pay more attention to their local customers and keep popular options that our clients and neighbors here in Orlando enjoy.  This can mean that you get a better deal on the paver installation service, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of supporting the local economy.

If you decide to use your own shovels and wheelbarrows to lay down your pavers without any professional help, it can be a good idea to divide up the project into different phases if possible. This way you can break things up so that they are a little easier to manage at one time, and this will give you smaller sections of construction for which you do not have to pay as much in labor costs. You will want to lay down at least two rows of driveway pavers even if it is only temporary while you work out your design plans for where everything should go.

Step 5:  Install your new pavers

The third step in planning for a paver installation is to actually get the new pavers put in! Whether you are going with concrete or another type of paving material, be sure that you start this process early. You will need time to choose the color and style which will work best for your home or business, as well as to decide on all necessary factors such as where exactly you want them installed and what sort of border you would like around it. Concrete pavers blend perfectly into many outdoor surroundings so they can complement various designs very nicely without overpowering the space.

The process for installing your new driveway paver installation is generally the same whether you have chosen brick or concrete pavers. The professionals will either stack them one at a time, or in some cases they might use a template so that the bricks can be laid down quickly and efficiently. For large areas, it may be necessary to install your new driveway paver installation in sections. This means that there will need to be more than one layer of paver stones so that there isn’t too big of an overlap where two layers meet . After this is done, then everything can be packed down with rollers and scrapers.

  • Maintain your driveway paver installation

One last thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when installing any type of pavers on your property is to maintain the installation properly. You need to keep this area clean, so that you can ensure maximum longevity of the paving material and all other hardscape surfaces in your yard such as walkways or patios. If you have a professional pavers installer putting in new concrete pavers for you, they may be able to recommend someone who could keep up with maintenance work for them if they cannot do it themselves. Since concrete is an extremely solid material once it has been installed and cured, there shouldn’t be any problem with this.

This will allow you to enjoy many years of high quality use from your new paver installation!

Step 6: Enjoy your new driveway pavers

The final step in planning for a new concrete pavers installation is to enjoy the results! Once the area has completely cured, you will be able to use it as you see fit. This might mean simply sweeping off any debris which builds up and continuing on with life as usual. Or, if you have opted for an epoxy crack sealer for your driveway or patio paver installation then this added feature will provide protection against sinks, cracks, and other damage which can return each spring when the ice melts away! No more worries about shoveling out icy areas from frozen ground every year – bring on those sunny days of springtime! Epoxy crack sealers are a great way to protect concrete or any other material

How to install concrete pavers DIY (A Contractor's Guide)

You want to install a driveway or a patio in your backyard but you don’t have the time or money to hire someone?
Concrete pavers are an incredibly simple and affordable way to create a beautiful new outdoor space for your home. They’re easy to install, look great and require very little maintenance. Best of all, concrete pavers are available at most local home improvement stores so they can be installed by anyone! Of course, you will have professional results, when hiring experienced contractors like us with decades of industry knowledge.

When installing concrete pavers in your driveway, you want to make sure that you install them on a clean surface. You must first make an area for them to go. You should begin by cleaning the area where they will be installed with a power washer. If there are any large cracks or holes in the ground then you may need to pour concrete into them before laying down your new concreteThe first step is to rake out any debris and excess material so that there is no sign of dust buildup. Many people choose to sweep their pavers in their driveways every few days during spring and summer months depending on how much foot traffic they receive. This way there won’t be any crevices where allergens such as pollen or mold, building up between your beautiful driveway pavers.

You also need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. You will want to have a shovel, a broom, a rake and some sort of string that is at least three feet long (preferably longer). Using these tools you can easily create grooves between each paver which helps keep weeds from growing through your driveway. Also be sure to leave at least 6 inches around each paver so that water has somewhere to flow if it rains heavily!
Once you have your pavers ready, and your area cleaned, you will want to lay the pavers.
Center the first concrete paver and use a level to make sure that it is at the right height.

You want to make sure that each successive row of pavers is also level so that it looks nice and neat.
To get a perfectly even row, press on the first paver with a mallet or a small sledgehammer from one corner of the paver to the opposite corner with just enough pressure to push it into place. Repeat as necessary until you have laid down all of your bricks. Once all of your pavers are laid down, the next step is to back fill the rest of your space with soil and gravel. This will allow water to drain through and keep weeds from growing in your new driveway or patio.
After you fill in with gravel, the next step is to clean your space.

You can use a pressure hose to remove any remaining debris and stains from your driveway or patio.
Just remember not to over power the water as you don’t want to wear smooth the pavers! The final step is to let the concrete set for at least 7 days before walking on it. This will allow enough time for all of the cracks to heal so that it won’t be damaged by foot traffic. After about two weeks, you can seal your new patio or driveway with an acid resistant concrete sealer that will help protect them from staining and other damage in the future. Doing this regularly will ensure that your concrete pavers are well protected and last a long time!

Driveway Pavers Orlando FL

A driveway is one of the most important parts of your exterior property. Detailing the entrance to your home, it plays a huge role in your curb appeal and so, it is an installation that is worth being given high-quality. That is why, when you are having a new driveway installed, you want to make sure that you aren’t settling for any less than the very best.

Instead, you should be giving our team a call about our premium driveway work, at Driveway Pavers Orlando.

About Us 
Having served the city of Orlando, FL for many years now, we are widely regarded as one of the very best in town when it comes to driveway construction. Our team doesn’t settle for the standard poured concrete installation. Rather, we make use of luxe materials in custom designs, to create the very best driveways for our clients. If you have a clear idea of what your perfect drive might look like, we can be the ones to make it a reality. Trust in the skill and expertise of our team and we can promise you outstanding results. 

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So, when you are finally ready to make the improvement of a new driveway on your property, remember that you will always find what you are looking for in us. Simply give us a call and let us know what our team can do for you and we would be more than glad to install a high-quality new driveway for you.


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