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Benefits of a Pavers Driveway

Benefits of Driveway Pavers

(+Bonus Questions and Answers from Us)

Little Maintenance
Gravel driveways, on the other hand, need a lot of attention. Driveway pavers do not have to be sealed and are stain-resistant. The pavers can be washed with a mild cleaning solution and a water hose if anything leaks. Pavers also benefit from not cracking or allowing weeds or grass to grow up through cracks, as concrete driveways do.

Installed in No Time
Paver driveways can be installed within two days to one week, depending on the size of the project.

Simple to Replace
The removal and replacement of a paver that has cracked or is damaged are simple. You can usually replace a damaged driveway paver in an hour.

Oh So Durable
Driveway pavers are long-lasting and durable. They’re able to support many vehicles without cracking or damaging because they’re strong enough to endure the weight of several cars.

Versatility meets Elegance
Driveway paver options bring the essence of a traditional appearance, a modern style, or even a casual feel. Paver driveways may be built to suit any design concept. Furthermore, many different patterns are available to showcase your property’s uniqueness.

High-Value Product
Paver driveways can effectively improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. There are many different pavers to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. You can keep the costs of replacing your driveway under control by researching and selecting the best option for you.

They don’t spall
Concrete driveways may look patchy because of spalling. Spalling is when the concrete driveway starts to peel or flake away. This happens because of the excess moisture in the driveway material. Driveway pavers are more moisture-resistant than conventional concrete driveways, so they don’t experience the same problems.

Colors Galore
There are many colors to choose from when it comes to driveway pavers. Red, tan, blue, black, and gray are just a few examples of available colors. You can have a unique driveway that reflects your own style with various colors.


Orlando Pavers - Bonus Questions and Answers

What are some materials that can be used for a paver driveway?

The most common types of pavers are concrete and brick. Other popular materials are slate, limestone, travertine, or granite. Travertine is very popular in Orlando.

Is it permitted to park or drive oversized vehicles on pavers?

Yes, definitely! Pavers will support a lot of weight without becoming weak. If an individual paver gets damaged here and there, it would be easy to replace it.

Can family activities be done on the pavers?

Your kids can ride their bikes and run around all day on your pavers without needing to worry.

How long does it usually take after you install them to use them?

Paver driveways can be used right away. There is no need to wait for the concrete to harden or settle.

How long do paver stones last?

Pavers last ages. People worldwide have seen their pavers take on more than 50 years without the need for a new installation.

Can pavers get mildew in Orlando?

If you are worried about mildew on your shaded driveway, you can apply a driveway sealant. This will help to keep the moisture away. You can also pressure wash your paver driveway.

Can weeds grow through paver driveways?

Part of installing pavers is to excavate existing soil add a base layer material and a thin layer of polymeric sand. This means a low risk of plants growing between the cracks. However, plants can develop if the wind blows sand or dirt into the cracks. If weeds are growing between your pavers, you can get rid of them using a weed killer. If you’re worried about weeds, we can put down a driveway sealant to help prevent mildew and weed growth.

Can you replace brick pavers?

100%. If a paver becomes damaged, replacing it is straightforward and takes almost no time.

What shapes and sizes are usual for stone and brick pavers?

The most common shapes for pavers are squares and rectangles. It is ubiquitous to have several different-sized pavers to give your driveway a unique aesthetic.

Will my pavers shift or move with time?

We install a sturdy and level base with high-quality materials and add edging along the driveway to prevent it from shifting over time. Some companies may not pay attention to these details, which can cause shifting stones within the first year.

Adding a paver driveway can drastically improve the look and value of your home. It is a practical way to add high-end design.