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How to Remove a Paver Driveway

If you’ve determined that your paver driveway needs to be replaced or doesn’t compliment the space well, it will need to be removed. This may be a simple procedure, but there is more to it than simply picking up the pavers and moving them. Here are the steps for removing a paver driveway.

Step 1:
Figure out if complete removal is your best option
If you don’t like the style of your existing pavers, you have options. If the issue is with the paver’s condition, your local Orlando paver company can replace only the damaged ones without removing the entire driveway.

Take a look at each paver and mark off which ones need to be replaced. You could discover that you need to replace part of the pavers rather than the entire driveway.

Step 2:
What Tools Do I Use to Take Out the Pavers?
There are several methods to remove pavers. To pry out a few of them, use two flat head screwdrivers. If the stones are big, you may require the help of another person to complete this task.

You may use an extractor tool to remove pavers more quickly without damaging the surrounding stones. These tools are available at a variety of home improvement stores.

Step 3:
Gear Up and Prepare the Space for Removal
First, make sure you have proper working gloves, then take out your flathead screwdrivers or extractor tools.

To get rid of a paver, you must first loosen its ties to the others around it. Around the perimeter of the paver, pour water. This will aid in releasing any grout or sand that is keeping it in place. With a rubber mallet, bind the pavers that surround it. Tap the edges of the paving stones in a circular pattern to loosen them up. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure when tapping them. If you do, you run the danger of damaging older pavers.

Step 4:
Take out the Pavers
There are two methods for removing pavers: utilizing a pair of screwdrivers or an extractor tool. You can wiggle the paver and then lift it out if it’s loose. If you’re getting rid of a damaged paver, ensure you get all of the pieces. The fewer pavers you remove, the simpler it will be to remove the rest. You might even be able to remove many of them with your bare hands.