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What To Avoid When Installing Pavers

When it comes to preparing your driveway pavers for installation in Orlando, things you should avoid are:

  • Using a power washer.
  • Applying asphalt or concrete sealer.
  • Using improper base materials.
  • Installation in heavy-load truck areas.
  • Installing by yourself.

1. Avoid using a power washer to clean the pavers before installation. Power washing can damage the pavers and make them more challenging to install. Power washing can be an effective way to clean pavers. Still, it also has several adverse side effects that can cause significant damage to the surface of the pavers and make installation more difficult. For example, using a power washer can wear down the top layer of pavers, causing porosity or weakness in certain areas. This increases the risk of cracking or chipping during installation, leading to additional problems down the road. Power washing can also lead to loose sand or dust between pavers and scouring away valuable natural oils from stone surfaces. Therefore, it is best to leave your driveway pavers alone and seek professional help for any necessary cleaning before installation in Orlando.

2. Do not use concrete or asphalt sealer on the pavers. These products will make it more difficult for the pavers to adhere to the ground and cause staining. In addition, sealers can trap moisture beneath the pavers, leading to the growth of mold and mildew. For best results, pavers should be dry-laid on a bed of sand or gravel and then joints filled with polymeric sand. This will allow the pavers to move slightly as they settle, preventing cracking or breaking.

3. Make sure that the base material is compacted correctly before installation begins. Otherwise, the pavers may settle unevenly and become loose over time. The base material is a critical component of any paving project, providing stability and drainage. If the base material is not compacted correctly, it can lead to several problems, including everything from sunken pavers to an uneven surface. The improperly compacted base material is one of the most common causes of paving failures. To avoid this, it is essential to ensure that the base material is compacted adequately before installation begins. The best way to do this is to use a plate compactor, which homeowners can rent from most home improvement stores. By compacting the base material properly, you can help ensure a successful paving project.