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When Can You Drive on Your Pavers Driveway?

How much time needs to pass before you can drive on your pavers?

Unlike other driveway materials such as asphalt or concrete, once your local Orlando pavers install them, they are ready to drive on. If you have sealed your driveway, you will need to wait at least 24 hours for the sealer to dry. This will depend on where you live because the climate can affect how long it takes for the sealer to dry. But once it is dry, you can drive on it.

Pavers are ready-made blocks, so they do not need to dry if you haven’t had them sealed.

Your driveway contractor will ensure to sand and compact your pavers before leaving the job. Once these two steps are complete, your pavers are ready to drive over, walk on, and enjoy the same day as installation.

This is just one bonus to installing pavers that distinguishes these stones from concrete and asphalt.

With concrete, it is recommended to wait at least a whole week before driving on them with standard vehicles. The concrete needs to dry and cure. These two processes take time, and even after this time, you will still have to deal with cracking over time. Well, that’s not what you were expecting, was it?

With asphalt, you have to wait at least a few days. This is so that your asphalt has time to dry. In the summer months, asphalt in Orlando gets hot and sticky. For new installations, this stickiness will remain until the material sets. It takes less time than concrete, but pavers take even less time.

Pavers are the only high-quality driveway material you can drive on as soon as the professional installers leave your property.

That means that if the contractors did the job while you were at work for the day and you had trouble parking on your street, you would not need to fret. You will be able to pull into your new lot when you are home for the day. Pretty convenient, huh?