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Why install pavers for your driveway?

Stamped concrete may seem appealing if you don't know these 11 facts.

Fact 1

Paving stones last longer and create a more attractive long-term curb appeal than stamped concrete Driveways. When you’re comparing your choices, it’s clear that a paved driveway or paving stones is far more appealing than a plain concrete or asphalt driveway. There’s no debate that one of these options is better. Sure, both will improve your home’s curb appeal if your current driveway is blacktop or plain concrete. But only one is built to last.

Fact 2

Stamped concrete essentially imitates pavers. If you wonder what stamped concrete means, you will quickly realize it is stamped after being poured to resemble pavers as a cheaper alternative. As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. And in this case, it is not even that much cheaper than the paver stones it imitates. So why not go with the option that will last decades longer? Ultimately, we leave that to our customers, but we always want them to know the facts.

Fact 3

On the other hand, concrete driveways are known to fracture and fade with time, either of which will detract from the curb appeal of your home. Concrete is also prone to stain, which detracts from the overall visual appeal of your property and may be challenging to repair. Durable paving stones have exceptional longevity and have retained their elegance for many years. Concrete resurfacing is quite challenging to match to the original pour. With pavers, you do not have to deal with resurfacing and constant cracks and repairs.

Fact 4

Pavers have a more significant potential to boost the value of your property. Suppose you replace a standard concrete or asphalt driveway or patio with pavers or stamped concrete. In that case, you can anticipate a home appraiser to take this higher-end material into account when valuing your property. Stamped concrete driveways are far superior alternatives to any other materials in terms of value, but they differ in how much they may add to your house. You might expect the price of your home to rise if you build a stamped concrete patio for an outdoor living space, but that rise may not even match the money you paid.

Fact 5

You can expect your home’s value to go up if you replace a dirt, gravel, asphalt, or plain concrete driveway with a stamped concrete driveway. However, concrete needs more attention and maintenance over time. This is also considered when calculating the cost difference between paver driveways. Over time, it is also more expensive to repair concrete than pavers; this detracts from its long-term attractiveness and value. Paving stones are also a more expensive product, which is why they have a more significant effect on home value and are an excellent method to boost the value of your property right away.

Fact 6

Furthermore, the appraised value is just one form of house value you should be concerned about. If you want to put your home up for sale at some point in the future, you must also consider its perceived worth. Paving stones offer a beautiful way to add class and sophistication to your home, and they seem more expensive. Paving stones are preferred by most house buyers, particularly those interested in higher-end properties. However you want to cut it, your home’s value will go up more with pavers.

Fact 7

Paving stones can be financed through the HERO program. The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program offers money to people who want to improve their homes’ energy or water efficiency. This type of finance is based on your home worth, not your credit score. Payments for this type of loan are taken out of your property taxes, making it easier for some homeowners. This also allows them to do more home projects that they wouldn’t otherwise afford or even add to their savings. . Stamped concrete is not presently an option, but paving stones are. This is because permeable concrete pavers are permeable. Porous concrete is better for the environment than traditional concrete because it allows water to flow through and reduces runoff. If you want to use HERO financing, pavers are the way to go.

Fact 8

Concrete installers cannot provide long-term warranties on their work due to the nature of the materials they utilize. Without question, concrete cracks over time. Concrete deteriorates with time. Most contractors do not offer long-term guarantees for concrete driveways and patios because it is too difficult to predict when it will crack. Contractors have no control over the weight of vehicles that drive and park on the concrete, how close large trees were planted, or how often a hurricane will hit. Paver stones are made to last. The interlocking design means that you can just call the installer for a quick fix if one paving stone cracks or breaks. On the other hand, concrete has a limited lifespan and will eventually crack. When planning your project and selecting materials, be sure to ask your contractor how long concrete will last before it cracks.

Fact 9

Most people know that concrete needs time to cure after it is poured, but not many people know that it takes almost a month for concrete to be completely cured. This means that if you want to wait until the concrete is fully cured before using it, you would have to wait around four weeks. However, most people do not wait this long, and it is okay to walk and drive on it sooner than that without causing any damage. Luckily, you can walk and drive on paving stones as soon as they are installed. If you have heavy equipment or vehicles, wait until it has had a chance to cure fully with concrete. But with stone pavers, they’re ready to use immediately after installation is completed.

Fact 10

Paving stones do better with traction when dealing with potential slippery situations. Concrete is slippery when wet, leading to a slew of issues. After rain or sliding and falling around pools, poured concrete may be dangerous when driving on it. While we don’t get snow or freezing temperatures in Orlando, we experience plenty of rain and hurricanes. Pavers have a less smooth finish than concrete, which gives them better slip resistance. In most cases, pavers also offer superior drainage, which lowers the risk of slipping even more. On the same note, pavers absorb less heat and generate less glare than concrete, making it an even more fantastic selection for families with dogs and youngsters who enjoy running around barefoot.

Fact 11

Paving stones are more durable and stronger than stamped concrete. Paving stones are easier to restore than stamped concrete. People might think that all concrete products have the same benefits, but this is not always true. The strength and resistance of stamped concrete will be weaker because it has to cure as water evaporates. Concrete is made from crushed rocks, blended together and put into a mix. When the concrete is poured in large slabs, it can crack easily because of the weather during the installation, surrounding nature, vehicle use, and hurricanes. Paving stones are made under high pressure in a controlled environment, making them more robust and longer-lasting. Each paver, on its own, accounts for just a tiny fraction of the overall surface area. Your driveway will easily endure whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Over time pavers can get stronger, rather than deteriorated. If you have a problem with an uneven surface, it is easy to fix because of their uniformity and interlocking nature. This makes them a better choice for Orlando’s climate and a better overall choice in strength, durability, and ease of repair.