Asphalt is a very cheap and reliable material, which is why it is used in all of our roads today. Therefore, we all know just how strong and hardwearing it is, able to stand up to the test of time and wear just about anywhere. So, it should go without saying that it is a great choice for your driveway as well. But on its own, asphalt never really looks that great and if you can spare the budget, you may want yours to be giving a bit of an upgrade. Fortunately for you, at Driveway Pavers Orlando, we can help you do that with one of our asphalt paver driveways. The perfect combination of an asphalt surface and premium paver borders, this will be a great way for you to get the most for your money. 
Poured Asphalt Surface
When handled by professionals like ourselves, a poured asphalt surface will always be slick, smooth, and clean. That makes it the perfect thing for your vehicle to be driving over and you already know that it is going to be able to handle wearing well. So, let our team install one for you using our quality asphalt mix. We’ll pour it in the shape of your choosing and work it into a design, with the rest of our paver materials. 
Paved Borders 
Around the edges, nothing improves the look of an asphalt driveway more than a premium paver border. Our team has several luxe options of pavers and any one of these can be used in your drive, to make the perfect border. From stone to concrete to brick, simply tell us the style you would like us to use and we will be able to include them into the overall design most effectively. Whatever way you decide, we can assure you that they will add so much quality and style to your driveway, dramatically improving the overall great looks of your home exterior. 
Paved Walkway 
Of course, you may want to add space beside your driveway for you to walk on. If so, then we will be able to make use of the same great paving materials to create a walkway. Again, our skilled team will sleekly tie these into the blueprint for the installation and make sure that your path is a seamless fit, adding to your total curb appeal. 
While we trust that our asphalt mix is of the highest standard and will last you a very long time, you can expect it to wear after a while. This may be limited to a small patch of superficial damage or a few shallow cracks, but it can still affect the overall look and feel of your driveway. But you never need to let it bother you for long because our team is more than able to help you restore the original quality to the surface, through our resurfacing service. Using the same excellent material, we will completely refresh your driveway and get it back to its best again.