Think about installing an interlocking driveway in Lake Nona? Here are 9 reasons why you should.

  1. Their geometric designs are virtually crack-free. Interlocking pavers almost never break or crack because they settle individually; this means that each paver is an individual piece and will set into its base layer with time, rather than settling as one large slab would do over long periods of use (this helps since you won’t be able to see any cracks).
  2. Most people are under the impression that their driveways need to be sealed every year, but this is not true for porous paving surfaces like those made of stone or brick. Sealant can prevent staining when applied regularly in order preventing oil from seeping into cracks and stains over time- however it will never have an affect on concrete paver stones because they do not allow water inside while walking which would otherwise cause structural damage if left untreated.
  3. The pavers are quite tightly placed, which makes it difficult for pesky weeds to grow between each stone. On a property prone to weed growth, spraying any standard weed-killer between your paver joints will do the trick.
  4. Paver helps to drain excess moisture from your driveway and prevent flooding by allowing rainwater through instead of pooling on top as it would do with asphalt or concrete sidewalks. This means no clean up after storms and no puddles to step in on your morning walk to the car.
  5. Pavers are a long lasting and reliable paving material that hardly change over time. The beauty of these stones shines through in their stability, as they’re typically able to resist weathering better than many other types out there. I’m sure you’ve seen how some pavement can get pretty wobbly after a few stormy seasons? Luckily, that is not the case with concrete pavers.
  6. Pavers are an easily rejuvenated surface. They’re easy to clean with just pressure washing or cleaning solution that won’t damage the paver’s finish! Paver soap can be used on driveway and patio surfaces without worrying about damaging them. They’ll look brand new again after one simple wash.
  7. Many people who live in Lake Nona install pavers for their driveways to give the property an improved look, but these same homeowners also see increase their home value. Some will choose this material simply as a positive investment. For this reason, pavers installations, are up 10% compared with typical concrete driveways. It may be time for some premium curb appeal improvements and increased real estate equity, sooner rather than later.
  8. They’re made for the toughest of climates. Whether it be a tropical storm or sunny summer days, these tiles can withstand Lake Nona’s unpredictable weather with ease. Pavers have been used for hundreds of years all around the world, for good reason. They are by far, the most long lasting – as we see on historical brick paver roads all over the country.
  9. They don’t chip easily or lose color over time. Even with regular exposure to impact and sunlight, they remain looking similar to day one of installation. Pavers also rarely crack due in part because each individual stone is grounded directly into sand and soil which helps resist impact mechanics that could cause chipping when walked or driven upon.

Pavers offer the perfect solution for people who are looking to renovate their driveways without having any of those pesky contractors come back to you year after year for touch ups and resurfacing. Not only do they provide an excellent quality and look great, but also require little maintenance which means that you can avoid all sorts problems with these gorgeous stones! Give us call today if this sounds like something up your alley. We have a myriad of interlocking styles available right here in Lake Nona.