Thinking about a new driveway in Winter Park? Here are 9 reasons why interlocking driveway pavers are not just aesthetically appealing and versatile, but are so much easier to maintain than other hard surface materials.

  • 1. They are virtually crack-free. Interlocking pavers almost never break or crack because they settle individually. This means that each paver is an individual piece, and they will settle into the base layer on their own, rather than one large slab that settles all together. This helps because it means that the pavers will not crack over time from movement here in Winter Park, as asphalt and concrete can.’
  • 2. They do not need to be sealed like asphalt or concrete. While driveway pavers can be sealed occasionally to prevent staining, this is a far cry from the yearly sealing needed for asphalt and concrete. In fact, driveway pavers in Winter Park typically only need to be sealed every 3-5 years, or longer, without any real change in appearance. Oil stains from your vehicles may show up over time, which is why we recommend this 3-5 year staining, but no structural damage will occur with no staining. This is only to prevent aesthetic changes from oils.
  • 3. The joints between the pavers are tightly fitted. This means that weeds and grass have a hard time growing through them. If weeds do grow, it is nothing that your go-to herbicide can’t handle. 
  • 4. Water drains through the pavers. This helps because water will not flood your driveway. It can actually help your pavers settle uniformly over time. This will keep your driveway from having bumps or lopsided areas, that could occur with asphalt or concrete. 
  • 5. They rarely shift or move. The beauty of pavers shines through with the fact that they rarely shift. Other paving materials can have an uneven surface over time, but this is not the case with pavers.
  • 6. They are easy to clean and maintain. If you do not stain your pavers, you can easily pressure wash your pavers with a gentle surface cleaning attachment. They can be pressure washed to clean them without damaging the surface. You can also use a non-acidic, mild cleaning solution. Other than that, your pavers will last ages without expensive upkeep.
  • 7. They add value to your home. A lot of people renovate their driveways in Winter Park with pavers to give their home a new and improved look but that is just the beginning of this material’s benefits. Some people decide on pavers knowing the fact that they are making a smart financial investment into their property, rather than a frivolous expense. Pavers can up to 15% increased value to your property. This is why some people will even install pavers right before selling their home. They may not be able to enjoy the new addition for a long time, but they will quickly enjoy new offers on their home, with the ability to go for a higher asking price. 
  • 8. They can withstand extreme weather conditions. Here in Central Florida, we are no strangers to extreme weather. Hurricanes, scorching hot sunny days, and heavy rainfall come every year. Luckily, interlocking pavers can handle all of this with ease without damage. 
  • 9. They don’t fade or chip over time. Just like we mentioned this material rarely cracks or shifts, pavers barely fade or chip over time. A sealing agent will ensure that your pavers stay the same color as the first day you installed them. Though even without sealants, pavers keep their tones quite well. Chipping is rarely an issue as well. Since each paver is its own entity in the ground, the edges and surface are able to withstand a lot of impact with low chance of visible or structural damage.

If you’re thinking about renovating your driveway, consider using driveway pavers. Not only are they incredibly durable and beautiful, but they also require very little maintenance, making them a great choice for busy homeowners. Contact us today to learn more about our paver products and services and take an in-person look, at our various styles of interlocking pavers here in the greater Winter Park area.